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Join us in spreading awareness about sexual assault during the month of April by anonymously submitting your Living as a Survivor story. We know there are a lot of you out there surviving privately who are not able to publicly come forward as a survivor. So many of you will be seeing all the sexual assault awareness efforts this month and won’t feel like you can participate. You may even feel self-conscious about commenting or liking a social media post about sexual assault awareness for fear that people will be suspicious. Let us be your Voice. Let us tell your story. Spread your story to others who may need a bit of strength, hope, and inspiration this month.

We want to hear and share your story of healing – how you went from a victim to a survivor, how you were able to trust again, your coping skills, what you do for self-care. On the last day of April we will share these stories on our social media platforms, creating a digital community of survivors. Your story can be a message of healing. Your story will help other survivors. Let’s make sure that on this one day – April 30th – no survivor feels alone.


  1. Submit your story by email to It can either come from your own email address or you can have someone else send it for you. No emails will be published or disseminated. You can also submit your story through Direct Message on Instagram (@assaultvictimlawyer) or facebook (
  2. Make sure it says My Living as a Survivor Story in the subject line.
  3. Do not include any identifying information in your story – no names, no locations, no dates.
  4. If you want your identity published with your story state “Please disclose my identity as:_________.” If you would like a photo of yourself published with your story feel free to send a photo.
  5. Your story can be as long or as short as you want it to be. It can be personal or a message to other survivors. Your story is Yours – we won‘t tell you how to write it – we will publish exactly what you send us. We will be your Voice.
  6. All stories will be published on Social Media on April 30th.

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