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It has been a momentous two weeks for United States Gymnastics.  On November 5th, the United States Olympic Committee moved to revoke its recognition of USA Gymnastics as the sport’s governing body.  Then on November 16th, the organization’s Chief Operating Officer, Ron Galimore, unceremoniously resigned.  Galimore, a former elite gymnast, had become a lightning rod after a 2016 investigation by the Indianapolis Star revealed that Galimore worked with organization’s CEO Steve Penny and an attorney who worked for the organization to cover up the reasons for Dr. Nassar’s absences from key events in 2015.  Court documents have alleged that Galimore and Penny shared these “false excuses” with the parents of Nassar’s victims.

Galimore was the last remaining USA Gymnastics official who remained in a leadership role with the organization following the sexual abuse scandal which emerged in 2016.

Olympian Aly Raisman, who was abused by Nassar and has become a courageous voice on behalf of survivors, questioned why Galimore remained at USA Gymnastics given his role in the Nassar abuse scandal.  Following Gallimore’s participation in the medal ceremony at the recent world gymnastics championships in Doha, Raisman tweeted:  “Why is Ron Gallimore (someone who covered up Nassar’s abuse) allowed to have the honor of handing out medals at world championships?  What an awful message this sends to athletes.  REALLY?  USOC, FIG, SUAG please act now & fire him.  Actions speak louder than words…#FireRonGiailmore.”

Hundreds of brave women like Aly Raisman have come forward seeking justice by standing up to institutions that failed to protect them.  These young women are helping change the culture of sexual assault.  Galimore’s resignation is the result of this change and what will hopefully be a very different future for organizations like USA Gymnastics.

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