For Victims of Larry Nassar

& Michigan State University

Michigan State has agreed to a settlement to compensate the young girls who were abused by Larry Nassar.

As part of that settlement a fund of $75 million dollars has been set aside for all future survivors who come forward.


If you were treated by Larry Nassar, you only have until September 10th to file a claim against him and MSU.

Over 150 strong survivors came forward to speak the truth about what Nassar did to them and testified at his sentencing hearing.

By using their voices and coming forward, these strong women helped convict this child abuser to up to 175 years in prison.  Because of these courageous women, there is one less child abuser out on the streets and hundreds of young girls will be spared the trauma of being abused by a trusted doctor.

By speaking out, you can help prevent abuse that is happening by other people.

It is never easy to come forward and speak out about being abused.  But, it can be an important part of your healing process when it is done in the right way.

The court system has certain protections in place for sexual assault victims such as anonymous filings as Jane Does. 

We understand the difficulties and the challenges of speaking out and we are here to listen to your story.

If you were assaulted by Larry Nassar it’s important to contact an attorney to be advised of your legal rights.  We are here to help you and to protect you.  We believe you and we will listen to you.  All conversations are completely confidential and we will protect your identity.

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